Publications and Research

The following publications have already been developed in the frame of the BEST project

1. Research report Involvement of business in promoting sustainable development at the regional and local levels: Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility in Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, UK

This report outlines the current situation regarding the involvement of business in promoting sustainable development at the regional and local levels in Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and the UK. It assesses the context, current development and future prospects of corporate social responsibility, the social economy and social entrepreneurship – the most direct forms of linking business and social impact.

2. Compendium of good practices of corporate responsibility, social entrepreneurship, and social innovation People Vs. Profit: A Misleading Dichotomy

This compendium identifies and describes replicable models and case studies of  social responsibility and the contribution of business to sustainable development at the local and regional levels through corporate social responsibility initiatives, social innovation and social entrepreneurship. It should be noted that many of these case studies are too recent to be qualified as  sustainable good practices. It is the position of the researchers that they should be treated as case studies and should be further observed and researched.

3. Three course syllabuses, each accompanied by methodological guidelines for teaching:
– a course syllabus “Corporate Social Responsibility”
– a course syllabus “Social Entrepreneurship”
– a course syllabus “Sustainable Development”