Good Practices

The database includes good practices of social entrepreneurial initiatives and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Use the search terms to customize your research.

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Call for Contributions to the Good Practices Database

Social entrepreneurs, companies engaged in responsible business practices and researchers are invited to submit their contributions to this database. Contributions can describe a good practice or initiative from any part of the world. The team of the Center for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship is available to assist contributors in the preparation of their good practices. We kindly note that the team will revise case studies that include advertising and marketing statements and will only present factual and unbiased information. Revisions will be performed through collaboration with contributors.

Contributors are free to send a descriptive text or to use the following templates:

Template of good practice of social entrepreneurship [PDF], [MS WORD]

Template of good practice of social responsibility of for-profit companies [PDF], [MS WORD]. This template can be used also to present public initiatives aimed at encouraging corporate social responsibility or public-private partnerships seeking social impact.

Please send your contributions to the following email address: