BEST Fifth Transnational Meeting

The fifth and final transnational meeting in the frame of the BEST project was held on July 20th at the Izmir University of Economics in Izmir, Turkey.

The objective of the event was to discuss the sustainability of the project results and to plan the potential post-project initiatives. The structure of the e-learning platform and planning its future maintenance and development were given particular attention. Ideas for the implementation of BEST outputs at the institutional level within and outside the partnership as well as the upgrade of BEST concept were exchanged.


BEST Conferences “Business Education for Sustainability”

spain, zaragoza                                     portugal, braganca

Spain: June 28th, 2017, Zaragoza                          Portugal: May 29th, 2017, Braganca


bulgaria, dobrich                                    uk07.0317brimingham1

Bulgaria: April 12th, 2017, Dobrich                       UK: March 7th, 2017, Birmingham


BEST Joint Staff Training

The Joint Staff Training Event in the frame of BEST was held during June 19th-26th at the Varna University of Management in Varna, Bulgaria. The work programme was designed to prepare partners’ faculty members and trainers to teach and train in CSR, social entrepreneurship and sustainable development, using the outputs developed in the framework of the project. Also it contributed to building the participating institution’s and their managers’ capacity for promoting social business and developing social-impact driven relations with stakeholders relevant for sustainable development at the local/regional levels.

BEST Fourth Transnational Meeting

The fourth transnational meeting in the frame of the BEST project was held on November 17th and18th at SPI in Porto, Portugal. The event was dedicated to finalization of the training materials in the field of Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development as well as their on-line delivery in the BEST e-learning platform. The structure of the e-learning platform was discussed in detail as well as suggestions for its adaptation into the national languages. The research developments on the recognition procedures for skills acquired through volunteering and internships in CSR and social entrepreneurship were compared and the possibilities provided by the national legislations in the field were touched upon.

BEST Third Transnational Meeting

The third transnational meeting in the frame of the BEST project was held on July 11th-12th, 2016 at Birmingham City University, UK. The event was dedicated to developing high quality training materials in the field of Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development. A common template for the training material chapters was discussed, as well as particular issues related to the substantive content and the features of the online training platform. The second part of the meeting was dedicated to clarifying and discussing the possibilities and national context of student internships and volunteering in the social enterprise sector and in CSR initiatives of business. Preliminary research tasks were specified for all researchers involved in the development of the future outputs of the project.

BEST Second Transnational Meeting

The second transnational meeting was held on June 22nd-23rd, 2015 at the University of Thessaly in Volos, Greece. The event was dedicated to presentation of the national-level research in BEST partner countries with the aim to clarify the national contexts and situations and to discuss the transferability of models and good practices regarding CSR and social entrepreneurship.

The researchers present at the meeting discussed and compared the regulation of social business and existing approaches to corporate social responsibility across Europe. BEST researchers recognized that the social aspects of business are not well integrated in business/economics education in the partner countries, with the boundaries between charity, non-for-profit and public activities remaining unclear from both business and academic point of view. National strategies and regulation of the social impact of business, impediments to the growth of social entrepreneurship and best-practice cases from the BEST countries were discussed and considered as an input in the project research report, database and compendium.

BEST First Transnational Project Meeting

The first transnational meeting was hosted by the International School of Law and Business in Vilnius, Lithuania on December 16th – 17th, 2014. The working sessions focused on planning and fine-tuning upcoming project activities, developing quality control mechanism, and clarifying financial and contractual rules for implementation.

A major decision was to develop unified survey questionnaires and templates for national-level research and the collection of best practices. This has ensured that research findings will enable meaningful comparisons across the project countries.