BEST Second Transnational Meeting

The second transnational meeting was held on June 22nd-23rd, 2015 at the University of Thessaly in Volos, Greece. The event was dedicated to presentation of the national-level research in BEST partner countries with the aim to clarify the national contexts and situations and to discuss the transferability of models and good practices regarding CSR and social entrepreneurship.

The researchers present at the meeting discussed and compared the regulation of social business and existing approaches to corporate social responsibility across Europe. BEST researchers recognized that the social aspects of business are not well integrated in business/economics education in the partner countries, with the boundaries between charity, non-for-profit and public activities remaining unclear from both business and academic point of view. National strategies and regulation of the social impact of business, impediments to the growth of social entrepreneurship and best-practice cases from the BEST countries were discussed and considered as an input in the project research report, database and compendium.

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